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This page is intended to provide answers to some of the more common questions asked by new users of the YourGameScored application. The information here applies both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions of the application, unless otherwise specified. We will try to keep this updated as new questions come in, as best we can.

If you ever have any questions, comments, problems, or feedback, feel free to shoot an email to

Compiling Your Team's Season Statistics

Season stat computation is available today in the Windows 8 " Your Game - Scored" application. For Windows Phone users, we have created a utility that can compute accumulated stats from a collection of saved .csv box score files. The YGL Stat Collector can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

We have made YouTube videos showing examples of how to do season stats from both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions of the app.

Also: We do have longer-term plans to add a capability to the YourGameLive website that would allow coaches to keep a more permanent record of rosters, stats, spray charts, etc. But this will take longer to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The 'Accept' button didn't show up, and why are those runners sitting over to the side?

Sometimes, runners forced toward home don't automatically score; there's a force out, they miss a base, or some other issue leads to them being out instead of scoring. Since there's a chance that they may not have made it home, the app puts the baserunners off to the side so you can move them home or out. Once there aren't any baserunners off to the side, the 'Accept' button should be there.

In addition, if a batter reaches base on a Fielder's Choice, the 'Accept' button doesn't show up until you have dragged at least one baserunner to 'out'.

The game should be over, but I still see a batter?

While the game length can be set in the "settings" menu, we made the decision to not actually close or terminate the game in an a fashion where it cannot be continued, since people sometimes forget to adjust the game length. So while the game is technically "over", the interface is still waiting for you to either start a new game, or to continue the existing one. Typically this is also the point where box scores and scoresheets would be saved off for later. Having a batter still up at the plate is a point of confusion, but the batter's there just in case the game wasn't actually over.

The primary function of the "end game now" item is to tell the website to list the score as Final, if the game has ended early, such as in a mercy rule scenario.

How do I substitute players from the bench?

Once you've entered players on your bench, you can substitute them into the game as follows:
  • Open the "Edit Teams" menu, and select the player that will be taken out of the lineup.
  • Press the "Bench" button to show the bench screen, and choose the player you want to bring into the game.
  • Press the "Swap into lineup" button.

The spray charts don't seem to be working.

Once you enable batted ball tracking, you should start seeing an additional popup window after each hit, that asks you where it went and what type of hit it was. Results from these queries can then be seen the next time that player comes up to bat, or on the Windows 8 version of the application, using the "spray charts" menu item.

(Windows 8) The YG Scoresheet Utility can't read my saved files.

With the newest release of Your Game - Scored, and the addition of defensive position tracking, the format of the scoresheet files has changed slightly. There is an updated version of the Scoresheet utility available for download here; to use it, you will need to uninstall the old one from the Control Panel, and then install the new version.

(Windows Phone) How do I compile defensive stats?

The previous version of the YGL Stat Collector did not include fielding stats in its compilation; there is a new version available for download that does. The updated version can be downloaded here. to use it, you will need to uninstall the old one from the Control Panel, and then install the new version.